Ultrasound Assisted Lipolysis (UAL)

The ULTRA-Z Ultrasonic Surgical System by Zerone utilizes advanced cavitation and emulsification technologies when performing tailor-made liposculpture procedures on any part of the anatomy. The high energy ultrasonic vibrations produced by the ULTRA-Z perform the dual function of emulsifying unwanted fatty tissue by turning it into a liquid, while simultaneously forming and immediately imploding cavities within that fatty liquid.

While the fatty tissue is being disposed of, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue are protected from sustaining any significant damage, although the patient may in some instances experience minimal swelling, bruising, or bleeding. The ULTRA-Z enjoys wide usage in those instances where liposculpture of the face, neck, abdomen, hips, or the extremities is called for. The ULTRA-Z comes with a variety of probes enabling removal of large quantities of fatty tissue from virtually any area of the body including the more complicated areas.