Lumenis Stellar M22™

The future of skin treatments starts now

The Lumenis Stellar M22™ is a powerful modular multi-application platform, inspired by the brightest constellation in the sky.
It enables you to safely and effectively treat different indications in different skin types, age, and gender, without the need for disposables.


The Lumenis Stellar M22™ is one of the most advanced, intelligent skincare innovations in this universe or any other.

With four technologies in one platform, you can treat over 30 skin conditions and hair removal.
Stellar M22 is fully upgradable, giving you infinite possibilities.


One modular system.
A galaxy of treatments

The Lumenis Stellar M22™ enables you to treat more patients and expand your business. Discover the infinite possibilities available with the Lumenis Stellar M22™ for these key treatments and many more



Sequential treatment of IPL and ResurFX™ for both skin texture and tone, for overall improved skin appearance.



A gentle IPL treatment that addresses both the p.acnes bacteria, as well as the pigmentation and rednesss of the skin.


Textural Treatments

Fractional skin rejuvenation solution to improve skin texture.


Pigmentation & Tattoos

Non-invasive treatment to reduce unwanted pigmentation and tattoos.


Vascular Lesions

Non-invasive treatment for Leg Veins, Facial Veins, Broken Capillaries, Rosacea and redness.