Cure PRP Kit

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that aids in the healing and regeneration of soft tissues.

In essence, it extracts one’s blood that includes platelets with their associated growth factors and re-inject these platelets back to treatment areas. Then, the platelets and its corresponding growth factors significantly regenerates and restores the injured area.

  • Requires 30ml blood only
  • Transparent cylindrical kit allows a clear visibility for easier extraction
  • The curved neck design reduces possible cell loss
  • PRP and PPP can be extracted from a single kit by one-time centrifugation
  • High concentration rate of platelets (24-25 times)
  • Does not use needle when collecting PRP or PPP
  • Can control the volume of plasma according to the treatment plan
  • Closed system to prevent air contamination possibility
  • Always yields the maximum amount of PRP regardless of the operator’s skill
  • Compatible with any swing type centrifuge
  • Competitive price



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